A new drilling record was set at the well for Salym Petroleum Development by drilling 1537 m of the 220.7 mm section from a long surface casing within 24 hours. The measured depth of 1537 m was drilled within 24 hours and smashed the previous record of 1376 m.

• Safe drilling as per the drilling plan

• PDC drill bits manufactured by Varel NTS – new bit design with 16 mm cutters (VS516DG1HRU)
• NewTech Services drill bits engineering support

Drilling Parameters:
• Flow Rate – 40 l/sec
• Revolution – 65 rpm
• WOB – 10-17 t

Average ROP – 116.4 m/hrs

Current Record:
• 1537 m/24 hrs
(12% increase vs previous record)

Previous Record:
• 1376m/24 hrs

The well was drilled with a new Varel-NTS PDC drill bit (16 mm cutters). An average ROP reached 116.4 m/hr per trip. The drill bit services were provided by the NewTech Services crew.

Such a high performance is the result of professionalism, teamwork and collaboration as well as the focus on safe operations.