Fishing Tools & Remedial Services

NewTech Services delivers a wide range of wellbore problem prevention techniques and remedial solutions.

Our core manufacturing base location is in Noyabrsk (Russia) and is fitted out with a complete range of manufacturing and maintenance equipment.

  • We follow Russian and international industrial standards closely in our work. Our experts have a long history and successful track record of performing corrective maintenance and milling services, in addition to whipstock systems installation, P&A well abandonment and casing string cutting on offshore projects;
  • Personnel and equipment are available to the customer on a 24/7 call out basis;
  • We have the resources to handle more than 8 fishing/workover of well operations simultaneously;
  • We can manufacture equipment to fit non-standard requirements within the shortest time possible.
  • Milling Operations

    • Tubing milling and removal of bottom hole junk and debris;
    • Production packer milling and retrieval of completion associated equipment from the well bore.

    Our experts analyze all well bore BHA data and the well diagram’s to provide technical evaluation on optimized milling equipment designs that provide best milling performance and meet client’s requirements.

  • Fishing Services

    Rental equipment and personnel support services of fishing tool used in wellbore diameters ranging from 4 ½” (114.3 mm) to 42" (1066.8 mm)

    • Series 150 releasable overshot;
    • Series 70 releasable overshot;
    • Bowen overshot oversize guides;
    • Type ITCO releasable spear;
    • Retrieval taps/die collars for tubing/casing couplings;
    • Taper taps;
    • Safety joints;
    • Hydraulic fishing jars;
    • Hydraulic fishing Intensifiers;
    • Lubricated/mechanical fishing bumper subs;
    • Surface jar;
    • Fishing magnets;
    • Standard-type drilling junk basket subs;
    • Reverse circulating junk baskets;
    • Impression blocks;
    • Casing swages;
    • All types of milling equipment;
    • Borehole BHA string magnets and ditch magnets;
    • Well bore clean up equipment consisting of casing scrapers, casing brushes jetting subs etc.;
    • FJWP Wash over pipe ranging from 3 ½” thru 16” OD Including, drive sub’s, wash over shoes, single joint and side-door elevators;
    • HE & Logan reversing tools and LH accessory tools;
    • External pipe cutters;
    • Internal hydraulic pipe cutters;
    • Rotating spears and standard back off spears.
  • Optimizing Drilling Performance

    Using advanced software analysis systems and building on insight from regional operational statistics, NewTech Services experts analyze the drill string assembly dynamics and provide technical advice on performance optimization improvement options.

  • Plug & Abandonment

    • P&A sub-sea well abandonment;
    • Casing string cutting (including in subsea positions);
    • Mud line suspension hanger wellhead removal and cold cutting casing services.
  • Rentals of Drillstring Performance-Optimising & BHA Components

    165 mm and 121 mm oscillators

    Enable a significant boost in the drilling speed by reducing the drill string friction force during sliding. Enable a better weight transfer to the bit without losses on wellbore walls, improving bit controllability.

    Double-acting HJDA hydraulic drilling jars OD 4 ¼”/105 mm, 4 ¾”/121 mm, 6 ½”165 mm, 8”/203 mm & 9 ½”/241 mm

    Double-acting hydraulic drilling jars are used in high-inclination, high-friction wells and withstand standard bottom-hole temperatures 250°F (120°C). The jar can in addition be dressed with seals effective to 400°F (200°C) for high borehole environments.

  • Borehole Enlargement Services

    Hydraulic borehole enlargers are manufactured from the highest-strength and grade of alloy steel material (SAE 5140 or similar grades).

    Hydraulic and fixed diameter hole enlargement equipment diameters:

    • From 4 1/2"(114 mm) up to 72"OD (1828.8 mm)

    Borehole enlargers are made from a high-grade alloy in accordance with NS-1TM standards (Quality Control Requirements for New and Refurbished Drilling Equipment, Completion Equipment).

    Reamers designed in cooperation with the experts using the global complex drilling experience.

  • Sidetracking Solutions

    Whipstock systems with hydraulic retrievable or permanent anchor/packer and mechanical set & open-hole sidetracking systems

    Whipstock systems with hydraulic or mechanical set anchor allow milling windows in a cased hole for sidetracking.

    Hydraulically set or Mechanical set whipstocks are used to mill a window in a cased hole or set against a cement plug/fish or false bottom (bridge plug) and sidetrack wells with the inclination up to 90°.