About Company

NewTech Services is an international oilfield services company providing high-tech solutions to oil and gas customers since 2009.

NewTech Services (NewTech Services Holding Limited) operates in the following countries: Russia, USA, UK, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Argentina.

Building on the multi-year professional experience of our staff, NewTech Services Holding Limited is capable of understanding customers' objectives to ensure optimum results at minimum cost. The Company has the competence and resources to solve problems of any complexity.

Our personnel and equipment are ready to serve our customers 24/7.

NewTech Services today:

  • more than 1500 employees;
  • fully-owned manufacturing facilities & service centres for all product lines;
  • a wide range of services for drilling and completion.

NewTech Services Holding Limited comprises of a number of manufacturing and operating companies including Hydrobur-service, LLC, Varel NTS, LLC, TekhGeoBur, LLC, NewTech-BTS, LLC, SunDrill Energy Services, LLC, SunDrill International, S.A., Frontier MWD Systems, LLC, Frontier Oil Tools, LLC, SMS Precision Tech., LLC, Wolverine Oilfield Technologies, LLC, Remote Measurement Systems Limited.


Providing our customers with high-quality services and equipment is a strategic goal of the Company.

The Company opens new product lines, adds new customers and projects and expands its equipment range.